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Inspired by a bow-shaped bend in the river and the land adjacent to it, ‘Oxbow’ is a place name that embraces its location close to Bow Creek. Its new development name encapsulates our vision of modern urban living in harmony with past, present and future. Oxbow is a collection of one and two-bedroom apartments, inspired by the original warehouses of East India Docks. Apartments are surrounded by vibrant, landscaped spaces and a collective mix of well-being amenities to suit everyone’s needs.
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Abbott Rd, Aberfeldy Village, London E14 0ND, UK

EcoWorld London
Starting Price
GBP 419,000
Prices subject to change without prior notice.
Estimated Completion
Blk G – Est. Q3/4 2021
Blk J – Est. Q1/2 2022

1-Bed, 2-Bed
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